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  2018-2019 Second cohort

Support for the establishment of the Israeli  Society for Sexual Trauma Treatment & Prevention (ISTT)

The Israeli Society for Sexual Trauma Treatment & Prevention is a multidisciplinary association which operates under the Israeli Medical Association (IMA). Its objectives include raising awareness to the medical implications of sexual abuse; developing trauma-informed medical services; training of medical students, residents and healthcare teams; and promoting basic & clinical research in the field of sexual trauma and health implications. The Briah Foundation supported the initial stages of the society's establishment, including its founding conference, website design, and more.


Dr. Inbal Brenner, psychiatrist, assistant director of Lev Hasharon Mental Health Medical Center and director of its sexual trauma clinic.

Dr. Anna Padoa, an expert gynecologist, head of the Pelvic Floor Service at the Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh).


ISST's website

תמיכה בשלבי ההקמה של החברה הישראלית לקידום אבחון, טיפול ומניעה של פגיעה מינית | ד"ר אנה פדואה, ד"ר ענבל ברנר
פרוייקט דורותי | יעל שרר, אריאל לורברבוים, נטע לאור-יאנג

The Dorothy Project

The Dorothy Project

The "Dorothy" kit provides information and equipment for those who seek assistance at acute rooms for victims of sexual assault across the country. The kit includes an instruction manual containing information on further referrals for AIDS treatment, STD infections, or pregnancy prevention, as well as referrals for continued community care, information on forensic testing and investigation, etc. The kit also includes basic hygiene supplies, water, energy bars, and a teddy bear to accompany the victim during their stay at the hospital.


Yael Sherer - an activist, founder and director of the Lobby to Combat Sexual Violence

Ariel Lurberboim - an activist and admin of the Facebook page "when he tries to buy me,"

Netta Laor-Yeung - An activist promoting the abolition of prostitution and rehabilitating and supporting women in prostitution.


'Atufa  Assuta Hospital'

The 'Atufa' clinic aims to provide personalized support (emotional and medical) during childbirth for women with a history of trauma. The service includes early identification of women with a history of trauma, a preliminary meeting with a midwife during pregnancy, birth debriefing session with a midwife following birth, and support groups for staff memebers in order to prevent secondary trauma.


Pessy Maayani - Midwife and head of delivery room training at Assuta Hospital Ashdod.

Yael Vivante - Midwife, Assuta Hospital Ashdod

Dr. Hadas Rosen - Manager of Mother's Way Clinics, Assuta University Medical Center Ashdod.


To contact "Atufa": 072-3398332,

פרוייקט "עטופה" בית החולים אסותא | יעל ויונטה, פסי מעייני, ד"ר הדר רוזן
יישום של שיטת CALM לתמיכה בנשים צעירות עם אבחנה חדשה של סרטן | ד"ר איריס גלוק ועו"ס דניה ובר

Implementation of the CALM approach for supporting young women with a new cancer diagnosis 

Sheba Medical Center staff training in the Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM) approach, and development of a unique component for the CALM approach that focuses on the specific challenges faced by cancer patients who are women of childbearing age.


Dr. Iris Gluck - Oncologist, Sheba Medical Center, head of head and neck cancer therapy center.

Ms. Dania Weber - Head of the social workers team at the Oncology Institute at Sheba Medical Center.

Support for midwives in public hospitals

This project aims to create a support system for midwives working in public healthcare. It consists of a research program that combines both qualitative and quantitative components to explore the emotional challenges faced by midwives, as well as the existing avenues of support available to them.


Keren Fridman Gadassi is the founder of Birth Oriented Therapy (B.O.T) and works to improve communication among various birth professionals in Israel.


Keren Tkach Maliniak is a researcher in the field of medical and health sociology. Her dissertation focused on the birth experiences of women in hospitals. 

מחקר מלווה מערך תמיכה למיילדות שעובדות בבתי חולים ציבוריים | קרן פרידמן גדסי, קרן טקאץ' מליניק
שימוש בסמראטפונים לאחר לידה לעידוד הנקה ואיתור דיכאון | ד"ר ערן וינר, ד"ר הדס מירמברג וקרן ירמיה

Using a mobile app for breastfeeding support and depression detection after childbirth

A research project on the benefits to postpartum women from a mobile application that allows them to maintain daily contact with a multidisciplinary team for breastfeeding support and the detection of women at risk of developing postpartum depression. This randomized controlled trial demonstrated that the introduction of a smartphone-based daily feedback and counseling platform between postpartum patients and a multidisciplinary breastfeeding support team increased lactation rates after delivery with excellent patient satisfaction. For the full article at The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology MFM see:


Dr. Eran Weiner - specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon; Senior lecturer at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University.


Dr. Hadass Miramberg - fourth-year resident specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Edith Wolfson Medical Center.


Keren Yirmiya Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at Bar-Ilan University, specializing in clinical psychology at the infant clinic at Geha Mental Health Center and at the psychology clinic of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

Talking to You - Improving Accessability to Mental Health Services for Women in Prostitution

An initiative meant to create tailored mental health services for women on the  prostitution continuum, based on the insights of women with a history of prostitution and of mental health professionals specializing in this field. It consisted of a roundtable discussion attended by patients, healthcare professionals, and representatives from various organizations; workshops to raise awareness and guide mental health staff; and training for psychiatrists committed to providing quality care.


Limor Segal - MSW, Founder and Director of the mental health department at "Turning the Tables" an organization that supports individuals in their journey to exit prostitution. 

Or Meshusha - An activist, a seamstress, and a designer

Lila Tzur Ben-Moshe - Founder and Director of 'Turning the Tables'

לדבר איתך - הנגשת בריאות הנפש לא.נשים על רצף הזנות | לילך צור בן משה, אור משושה, עו"ס לימור סגל
שגרירות של בריאות | ד"ר קרני להד, ד"ר שירי טננבאום,  ד"ר אהד ביתן

"Health Ambassadors"

Training for asylum-seeking women on women's health issues, in order to empower them as health ambassadors in their communities. Additionally, the women distributed pamphlets produced for the project containing vital information about women's health, pregnancy, childbirth, and more in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Tigrinya.


Dr. Karney Lahad - Specializes in Internal Medicine at Sheba Medical Center and volunteers at the "Social Clinic" within the hospital.


Dr. Shiri Tenenboim - An oncology specialist and medical administrator, currently serving as Deputy Director at Hadassah Medical Center.

Dr. Ohad Bitan - A senior doctor in the Internal Medicine Department at Sheba Medical Center

Reconnect - A Knowledge and Action Group for Women Suffering from Vulvodynia/Vestibulodynia | 

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness among women suffering from vulvodynia/vestibulodynia, increase public awareness, and advocate for policy changes within the healthcare system. A knowledge and action group of women who suffer from these conditions was created, they published their knowledge in a booklet and later went on to found Shlema - the Israeli Organization for Vulvodynia.


Sharon Orshalimy - A doctoral student in the Department of Health Systems Management, researching women's sexuality and sexual health. An educator in healthy sexuality and a family planning consultant


Dr. Michal Prince - Founder of Yahel, a counseling center for sexual health, a sexual consultant for religious couples after marriage, and a researcher on the sexuality of religious women after marriage

להתחבר מחדש- קבוצת ידע פעולה לנשים החוות כאבים ביחסי מין | שרון אורשלימי, ד"ר מיכל פרינס
ההאקתון המחקרי הראשון- "Hack for Gender Medicine" | נגה שיפמן, ד"ר יסמין פרהדיאן

Hackathon for Gender-Aware Medicine

A hackathon event on the topic of gender and medicine for both healthcare and science experts and students that aimes to raise awareness among the medical community and the general public to the importance of gender-aware research and encourage excellence among young professionals in this field.


Dr. Yasmin Farhadian - A graduate of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, she was chosen as one of the 20 women influencing Israeli medicine by TheMarker magazine in 2018.


Noga Shiffman - A sixth-year medical student at the Technion, representing the Faculty of Medicine on behalf of "Women at the Technion."

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