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About us
The Problem
(or why do you focus on women?)

When medicine talks about the "human body," it mainly talks about men's bodies. Often, medical references to women treat them as if they were men with a uterus.

But in reality the differences between men and women are not limited to the reproductive system - women have different muscle mass, different hormones and different heart activity - they therefore require tailored medical attention. In addition, women undergo intimate exams more frequently and from a young age, compared to men. They may also need medical assistance at particularly sensitive junctures in their lives, such as pregnancy loss, fertility treatments, sexual assault and more.
Most medical research is based on the male body, and treatment is directed accordingly. Women still take medications that have only been tested on men and still suffer from misdiagnosis in heart diseases because their symptoms may be different.
Moreover, and there's no escaping this - we live in a society that treats women and men differently, an attitude that accompanies us into the clinic. Often, women are perceived as weak, hysterical, unable to make decisions about their own bodies and the medical treatment they want. One study showed that, on average, women wait 15 minutes longer for triage, because of gender bias against women. 
In this context, we believe that women must raise their voices, take responsibility for their health and demand the rights that are due to us.

We Believe that

Health is not just the absence of illness but also physical and mental well-being.
Quality of life is derived, among other things, from a person's ability to understand, influence, and manage their own health.
A medical encounter always takes place in a social context. Therefore, preconceptions and stereotypes regarding women influence the medical encounter and can affect the course of treatment.
Women's knowledge about their bodies is relevant and must be taken into account.
A person's body should be understood as a whole, both physically and mentally.

Our Vision

To improve the healthcare system in Israel so that it will suit the needs of women from different backgrounds.

To make sure every woman can understand, choose, and manage her health according to her choice.

To expand available options to women in different health conditions.

To improve the services provided to women in sensitive situations such as following sexual trauma, miscarriage and more

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