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The Briah Foundation:

promoting women's health

Health Rights Advocate of the Year

The health gender gap is a matter of life and death. Bridging it saves lives.

Despite recent progress, gender stereotypes still affect medical research, diagnosis and treatment, resulting in a significant impact on the physical and mental health of women.

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Women wait, on average, 15 minutes longer than men in emergency rooms in the case of acute abdominal pain.

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Chronic Pain

While women are the primary sufferers from chronic pain conditions (Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, etc.), there is a lack of research, awareness, and medical services for patients with these conditions.

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Heart Disease

Heart disease, the leading death cause for women, is often undiagnosed and undertreated in women.

Tedx talk with Sara Tancman, founder of the Briah Foundation

The Briah Foundation takes action by changing policy and promoting grass-roots activism  to reach a better health care system for women


Gynecological examinations: defining standardized professional guidelines


Improving medical services for chronic pain illnesses (Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, etc.)


improving services to women who have experienced sexual trauma and preventing sexual harassment by healthcare professionals

Research and Policy Change

The Briah Foundation strives to change the healthcare system. The voices and needs of women guide our strategy. We use mass online surveys that reach thousands of women to collect data about obstacles that they face when receiving medical care. The data is processed into reports with concrete recommendations, allowing us to impact:

Policy and public awareness  |  Protocols of health systems and HMOs  |  Medical staff training

Sara Tancman - Founder and CEO

Sara founded the Briah foundation following a personal experience that led her to the understanding that there needs to be a drastic change in the way that the medical systems approach women.

"I was five months pregnant when I suddenly felt a sharp pain. I went to seek help at an emergency clinic, only to be told by the doctor that my pain was imagined. I was sent home. A few hours later, I lost my twins, who were stillborn due to early labor. Raising women's voices in healthcare saves lives. This is why I founded the Briah foundation."

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