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Health Care


The Bor'ot Incubator, named after Dafna Meir, is a startup program for innovative projects that promote women's health.


The incubator identifies initiatives that have a potential to positively impact women's health in Israel. These initiatives are led by entrepreneurs from the healthcare sector (i.e. doctors, nurses, midwives, social workers) alongside social activists and non-profit organizations. Participants receive financial support of approximately $6,000 per project, a year-long training program and personal mentorship.

The incubator training program equips participants with resources for project development, knowledge of the Israeli healthcare system, its structure, budget and how to create change as well as effective public speaking and media engagement. In addition, the incubator offers networking and collaboration opportunities thereby facilitating the creation of wider movement that works for women's health.


The four cohorts of the Bor'ot incubator that have taken place so far included groundbreaking projects such as - creating services for pregnant women with a history of trauma at two hospitals; two centers that offer emotional and logistical support for women and couples going through miscarriage;  The founding of The Israeli  Society for Sexual Trauma Treatment & Prevention (ISTT); a training program for psychiatrists who treat women in prostitution; a training course on health promotion for asylum-seeking women and much more.


Dafna Meir was a nurse and an activist, in 2016 she advised Sara Tancman, who was then in the process of founding the Briah Foundation, to engage medical staff and help them promote their ideas and dreams regarding women's health.

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